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If you have a problem or if you suspect a clog, please, contact Green Valley Water and we will check the main sewer lines before you contact a plumber.

Contact GVW first by submitting the form or send an email at or call at (928) 474-5257.


In case of emergency, please contact the Payson Police Department at (928)474-5177.

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Typical Sewer Problems You May Encounter

Backup Problems

Homeowners are responsible for backups due to clogged sewer service lines on their property. If you have a sewer backup, first contact Green Valley Water. We will inspect our main sewer lines for blockages. The homeowner will need to contact a plumber to resolve service line backups. If after hours or an emergency, please contact the Payson Police Department at (928) 474-5177

Odor Problems

Odors inside the home can often be traced to dry P-Traps. P-Traps are a dip in the drain plumbing on any inside fixtures. The dip in the drain piping retains water in it, creating a seal of sorts, for air and odors. If fixtures are not used frequently the water seal can evaporate out and allow odor to enter the house.

Adding water to any fixture drain weekly is sufficient to keep the trap P-Trap full and eliminate odor problems. If house plumbing fixtures are not going to be used for a while, use R.V. antifreeze to fill P-Traps. P-Trap will slow evaporation considerably.

Roach Problems

Roaches find their way into our homes through cracks in doors and windows. They are seeking dark moist areas which make sink drains an ideal hiding place. Green Valley Water recommends that homeowners spray insecticide around their homes on a monthly basis to rid the residence of roaches. Green Valley Water performs regular maintenance and roach prevention on our main sewer lines. If your issue persists, please report the problem to us.