Residential and Commercial Permits

Residential and Commercial Permit Requirements

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Various Building and Connection Permits for Residental and Commerical Properties

Green Valley Water reserves the right to request additional information to ensure each project is compliant with requirements and regulations. All commercial and residential buildings within the Green Valley Water service boundaries require a sewer connection permit.

Projects That Require GVW Permits

  • Residential Build

  • Commercial New Build

  • Commercial TI

  • Subdivision

  • Demolition

  • Minor Land Division

  • Lot Line Adjustment

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Sewer Connection Requirements

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Tank Installation Requirements

Residential Permit Process

Download Green Valley Water Permit Process Document


The customer has a question about a parcel of land.

  • The customer must have a Gila County Assessor’s Parcel Number

Possible Questions:

  • Is the parcel in the Green Valley Water boundary?

  • Will Green Valley Water provide sewer service to the parcel?

  • What are the Green Valley Water fees for this parcel?

  • Is the parcel served by gravity or a low-pressure sewer?

  • What information do we have on the parcel?

  • What is the process of connecting to the sewer system?


1.The applicant submits construction plans to the Town of Payson for a building permit.

2. The Town of Payson informs GVW that a building permit has been applied for.

3. The Town of Payson sends GVW plans and information regarding the building permit.

4. GVW reviews the plans and sets up a sewer connection permit file.

5. GVW coordinates with the Town of Payson for any additional information or review comments.

6. The Town of Payson coordinates with the applicant for required additional information.

7. When the permit is issuable, GVW informs the Town of Payson that GVW has approved the permit.

8. The Town informs the applicant that their building permit is approved, and a GVW sewer connection permit is required before a Town building permit.

9. The applicant comes to the GVW office, pays fees, signs permit forms, and a permit is issued.

10. The Town GVW is notified that a GVW permit has been issued, and a building permit may be obtained.


1. Applicant/Contractor construct the residence and sewer service connection.

2. Applicant/Contractor/Plumber contacts GVW to schedule an inspection no later than 2:00 pm the day before the inspection.

3. GVW inspects the sewer service connection.

4. Once inspection passes, account billing begins.

5. GVW closes the permit.